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The stupidest One Piece blog you will ever encounter on tumblr. My art is poor and my theories even worse.

Of Swordsmen in One Piece


My friend and I have this theory

That all the swordsmen in One Piece get more and more directionally challenged the stronger they get.

No wait hear me out before someone throws something at me

I won’t talk about Zoro’s sense of direction because well.

Everything has already been said a thousand times about Zoro and yet we still fail to understand how his brain even fucking work

But then take Tashigi

What ? How did you-why-YOU WERE RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER TWO PAGES AGO TASHIGI WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING (and I have to suppose this is a regular occurence because in my language’s translation, he says “Where were you AGAIN ?”)

And then just take a look at BROOK

And then there’s the one who takes the whole cake



That’s right


Do you honestly want to make us believe you travelled that far into east blue on that little boat

just because you were bored

Your little game of Mysterious Big Shot isn’t fooling anyone Mihawk

We all know you were just going to do some hawaiian shirts shopping on the next island, somehow got lost and used Krieg’s crew as an excuse to maintain your swag intact for the ladies, Mihawk

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